"Caminiti scored with the audience by emphasizing his lack of machismo. The lanky jokester offered the most cerebral humor of the evening with quirky one liners like, 'Did you ever realize that if your arms fell off, you couldn't pick them up?'"
The Nashville Banner

"Genuinely funny and a true talent."
Crook and Chase Show
The Nashville Network

"The best comedian to come out of Ohio!"
The Cincinnati Enquirer

"Known locally and nationally as the one who blurts out what everyone is thinking but doesn't dare say!"
The Cincinnati Post

"Steve stole the show. He is a very energetic - very in your face kind of performer."
The Illinois Calendar

"Don't underestimate the talent of this skinny guy from Cincinnati with a big, slightly nasty smile."
Rolling Stone Magazine

"A winner of several comedy contests, he has performed on the same bill as Robin Williams and Paul Reiser. Steve Caminiti is a performer well worth taking note of."
The Columbus Dispatch

"Then came Steve Caminiti, a Cincinnati native who was smooth as glass. He'd slip from one topic to another, covering a couple of dozen topics, topics that just kind of oozed together into one nice, funny show."
The Evansville Courier & Press

"A genius of topical humor."
St. Louis Post Dispatch